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His plane nearly crashed, the cops he'd been hired to train almost killed him, and he ingested a substance that bore a close resemblance to elephant snot — all during his first two days on the job.

Micronesian Blues tells the true story of former L.A. street cop Bryan Vila’s hilarious road to cross-cultural enlightenment as a police chief in the far Pacific islands of Micronesia.

Through lively narrative laced with wry humor, it chronicles his adventures and misadventures on Saipan, Ponape (now Pohnpei), Truk (now Chuuk), Palau, Yap, Kosrae, and Kwajalein. 

Trial and error was the name of the game in this dubious paradise, where Bryan had to learn the rules — or make them up — as he went.  Yet he embraced island life, succeeded in his new role, and ultimately found himself profoundly changed by his experiences in Micronesia and the lessons he learned there.



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